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    Zeller Associates Group

    Independent provider of risk related and insurance services

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Welcome to Zeller Associates

The Zeller Associates Group is an independent provider of risk related and insurance services mainly for shipping, trade and transport, but also in other specialist areas such as the cruise and tourism industry. Its objective is to provide a professional service on an international level but with local expertise as regards assessing, managing and covering standard and special risks.

We work with the ambitious approach to offer these services worldwide and market-orientated, with a touch of traditional German business culture, at competitive prices and with lean structures.

 Our main services sectors are:

Insurance & Reinsurance Underwriting and Placing
Insurance Management (Pools, Captives, etc.)
Consulting, Audits, Portfolio Revisions
Run-Off &
Business Transfers
Third Party Portfolio and Claims Processing
Recoveries/Subrogation, Debt Collection &
Salvage Sale Services
Claims Handling,
Loss Adjusting,
Expert Investigations, Surveys