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All-rounder? Multilingual? Creative and self-starting?
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Looking for working and self-development opportunities in a forward-looking and stimulating insurance and risk services environment that is client focused?

Are you properly educated, bi- or multilingual, creative, self-starting and do you have the right communication skills and are you willing to work and learn within an international team setting? The Zeller Associates Group, with its unique infrastructure, may be just the right place for you!

We provide bright and young minds the right professional environment to develop and enhance their skills in insurance and reinsurance and related risk services areas. We take pride in placing our client’s needs and interests above all else and carefully work towards nurturing and enduring relationship. We offer traditional and modern highly specialized insurance products and services that have been carefully crafted and engineered with our clients in mind. Our hallmark is to provide solid, sometimes old fashioned, sometimes conceptually new, but always important claims and risk services. Directly yet with a global perspective we serve our many international and regional clients without compromise.

Zeller Associates in cooperation with its network-partners, is in the business of offering risk and claims handling and insurance, which often involves high amounts of assets or liabilities. We therefore constantly invest in the proper selection and training of our colleagues and we place a premium on excellence in education and business experience and effective marketing skills. We recognize that most of our business is highly competitive and extremely challenging. Success demands that we bring the right combination of products and people.

We are looking for all-rounders who understand the potential of the risk/insurance market and can communicate this in a business context to clients at the highest level. Our offices offer great employment opportunities – very attractive work and an interesting, cosmopolitan environment with commensurate salaries and benefits all within a well-motivated team atmosphere.

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And if you feel confident that you are “the right one” to complement our team, please do not hesitate to send us your unsolicited application.