ZA Academy

Specialist Seminars, Individual Training & Coaching Programme

ZA Academy

As a provider of practical expertise and specialist services in the transport and marine risk and insurance/reinsurance industries, transparency and transfer of know-how to clients are essential parts of the Zeller Associates Group’s philosophy and success.

Since its foundation in 1997, we have taken pride in offering a wide range of seminars and training activities in specialties connected with our areas of business.

The “ZA Academy” programme was established in 2004 by Zeller Associates GmbH, consolidates these activities throughout the group and is organised by Zeller Associates Consulting GmbH (ZAC), a daughter company of Zeller Associates GmbH.

All Specialist Seminars, Individual Training and other educational opportunities are taught by experienced professionals in a practice-orientated manner.  Successful participants receive a detailed certificate, which is often as important for a company’s human resource department as it is for the individual’s sense of accomplishment.

The main venue for the ZA Academy is Hamburg, although by special arrangement, seminars and other training activities can also be held in other locations.

We also offer the complete organization of in-house or customer-targeted marine seminars for insurers, reinsurers, shipping & chartering houses, logistic companies etc., tailor-made to their request.  We invite you to seriously consider such an outsourcing option – our individualised arrangements and fees may well fit into your training and education or your HR budgets!

Specialist Seminars

Our Seminar Program is comprised of courses which have been developed over the years and updated to reflect changes in law and practice, as well as to take into account current market trends.

Registration fees include lunch, seminar documentation and certification for successful participants.  Please note that the number of seminar participants is strictly limited for educational purposes.

Our specialist seminar series is performed in cooperation with Germanischer Lloyd, Hamburg ( All sessions in our premises in Hamburg will be held in German whereas the documentation is provided in English, Seminars abroad will be held either in the country’s national language or in English and the documentation is provided in English.

Individual Training

Our Individual Training& Coaching Programme is especially designed for promising young and middle career managers of direct and reinsurance companies. The main purpose is to balance deficits in know-how and experience in the actual practice of shipping, vessel and port operations, shipbuilding, ship repairs and claims handling.  In doing so, the importance of risk assessment and risk management throughout the life of an insurance covering marine and transport activities – from underwriting to claims handling and from recoveries to run-off – is emphasised.  The programme can be designed to focus exclusively or in part on Hull & Machinery, Cargo, Marine & Transport Liabilities or Marine Business Interruption covers.

Without exception, the training and coaching is performed by experienced professionals and practitioners (merchant marine captains, surveyors, shipping professionals, underwriters, brokers, bankers, maritime lawyers and mediators).

The price for 1 full week of such Individual Training (8 – 10 hours per day of intense personal coaching) is € 7.500 plus VAT.  It is possible to extend the training to a maximum of two participants from the same company for a total price of € 10.000 plus VAT.  Depending on the needs identified by the delegate company and the participant(s), there may be modest, additional third party costs (e.g. for wider travel) to be agreed.

A combination with active sailing on board a variety of types of vessels for e.g. a further one-week-schedule (including calls at various European ports) can be arranged.

Individual Training & Coaching is performed in English or German.

For more information please contact:
Mrs. Kerstin Maack-Persicke
Programme Management
Zeller Associates GmbH
+49 40 30 68 76 0