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The Group today is active in 6 operational fields which are all represented by 100% group owned but individually staffed and managed daughter companies


Insurance & Reinsurance Underwriting and Placing

ZARIS provides insurance and reinsurance services and places Marine and Non-Marine risks.

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Insurance Management (Pools, Captives, etc.)

Under its brand name “Hanseatic Underwriters™” ZAM offers full or partial outsourcing solutions for underwriting, claims and administration tasks, by tradition primarily for Marine, but also for other specialist areas of the insurance and reinsurance industry.

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Consulting, Audits, Portfolio Revisions

ZAC is the special consultancy unit of the ZellerAssociates Group dedicated to offering a wide range of technical consulting for the shipping, logistics and insurance/reinsurance industry.

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Run-Off & Business Transfers
Third Party Portfolio and Claims Processing

TCH offers a wide range of consultancy, audit, claims handling and other technical support for discontinued or business to be transferred in the insurance / reinsurance sector as well as for trade and the transportation industry as such.

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Claims Handling, Loss Adjusting,
Expert Investigations, Surveys

ACES – Adjustment and Claims Expert Services was originally founded in 1999 in Hamburg to offer various claims handling and claims adjustment services focusing mainly on air-, ocean-, river-, road- and

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Recoveries/Subrogation, Debt Collection
& Salvage Sale Services

ZASS provides fast monetary recoveries through commercial solutions
combined with utmost transparency in the handling of clients‘ claims, giving it’s customers full information and control at any stage of the recovery action.

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