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Experts in Marine and Non-Marine
direct insurance services –
Specialist underwriting for supreme results

ZAM – Zeller Associates Management Services has been the specialized  insurance management unit of the ZA Group dedicated to offering outsourcing solutions for underwriting, claims and administration tasks of the Marine and Specialty insurance industry since 1998 but today it also provides insurance management services in specialist Non-Marine areas.

The company, based mainly in Hamburg, focuses primarily – but not exclusively – on Marine, which is historically one of the most complex areas of insurance demanding specialist underwriting in order to achieve profitable results.

ZAM provides full or partialy out-sourced insurance management, including underwriting and accumulation control, full claims handling, accounting, reinsurance and administration, i.a. for Protection and Indemnity (P&I), Freight, Demurrage and Defence (FD&D) and Cruise Consequential Loss, among them the well known “Hanseatic” and “Horizon” Pools. Presently there are in total 6 different insurance set-ups under ZAM´s management.

Since 2012 ZAM concentrates its marine insurance business under the new umbrella brand called Hanseatic Underwriters™.

Hanseatic Underwriters™

Combining its skills and technical expertise with its worldwide network of own correspondents available in every major harbour in the world, ZAM/Hanseatic Underwriters™ here provides a unique and exclusive service to its principals and their respective assured parties on standards “made in Germany”.

ZAM/Hanseatic Underwriters™ performs its work for domestic German and international insurance companies and is also Coverholder at Lloyd’s. These clients have entrusted ZAM with writing profitable specialist marine business worldwide.

The team consists of many deep sea master mariners, insurance experts, ex-correspondents, lawyers and marine engineers who collectively are responsible for carrying out the strategic aims of operation and developing the insurances entrusted to ZAM.

Furthermore the team supplies existing assureds and potential customers with the best service and value for money whilst simultaneously maintaining highly professional, conservative standards and quality within the assureds´  communities.


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