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ZASS International is the recovery / subrogation and debt collection unit of the ZA Group. Founded in 1997 in Hamburg, it serves the transport and insurance industry in collecting and recovering payments from third parties.

After over a decade of business, ZASS is now one of the leading international recovery agents acting worldwide. It has a solid basis of domestic and international customers from Europe through Latin America, Russia and the Middle East to Africa and Asia.
In many cases we act as the German and/or European recovery correspondents for our overseas customers.

ZASS‘ philosophy is to provide the utmost transparency in the handling of clients‘ claims, giving our customers full information and control at any stage of the recovery. The fact that ZASS is always prepared to share its know-how, is greatly appreciated by clients and it is also a source of pride for the company.

Apart from “standard” claims handling and recovery / subrogation cases for cargo interests and their underwriters, ZASS‘ activities extend further afield to complicated General Average and large collision cases, inland transport accidents, recovery supervision under multi-year delivery contracts for infrastructure projects as well as guarantee disputes, salvage and piracy cases.
Emergency and salvage sales of damaged cargo or other items can also be directly arranged through ZASS.

Most of ZASS‘ services are offered on a “no cure – no pay” basis. In cases where only consultancy assistance is required and upon client‘s special request the assistance of ZASS may also be obtained on a “time-and-trouble” basis.
ZASS provides its expert service in the international recovery business through its own offices in Europe, Latin America, Russia and the Middle East in which master mariners, lawyers and insurance specialists form well-motivated and ambitious teams. Languages are no problem with English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese and Russian spoken by ZASS‘s multi-national staff.

If required ZASS also closely cooperates with an excellent international network of lawyers, experts and surveyors. ZASS is also connected with selected admiralty, transport and insurance law firms. This guarantees – in addition to ZASS‘ in-house legal expertise – close and immediate access to the most recent court decisions and up-to-date maritime and insurance law support.

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